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Whether you live and work in Summerville, having insurance protection for your home and business increases your sense of security. You have a lot invested in both your property and the company you have built, so you want both protected against loss. Strovis Insurance Agency offers products designed to minimize the impact of accidents, natural disasters, and burglary. Your home is the largest personal asset you own, and it shelters the people and things most dear to you. Unfortunately, it is not immune from damage from a storm or from theft or vandalism. If your property is harmed or destroyed, being able to repair or rebuild it offers some degree of comfort. Homeowners insurance offered by Strovis Insurance Agency goes a long way toward making things right when the unexpected touches the lives of residents of Summerville. Please contact Strovis Insurance Agency today to learn more about our agency.

Summerville Business Insurance Agency

Opening a business involves risks both known and unknown. Strovis Insurance Agency offers business owners protection against both types of unplanned risks with coverage tailored to the needs of your business. We partner with you to learn your business before we offer recommendations for products to protect your property, your business operations, and your employees in Summerville. We can even offer worker's compensation coverage to compensate injured workers while limiting your out-of-pocket responsibility. If you are looking for business insurance call Strovis Insurance Agency to discuss your concerns or for more information visit: Summerville Business Insurance.

Summerville Auto Insurance Coverage

When accidents occur in company vehicles, the driver's personal car insurance may not cover damage. For liability and personal property damage resulting from accidents, you need to have commercial auto insurance. At Strovis Insurance Agency, we arrange for you to be protected from property damage and liability issues, while giving you peace of mind that you have done what you could to compensate injured parties. For more information about how we can assist you with your commercial auto insurance requirements, please visit: Summerville Commercial Auto Insurance.

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