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In Summerville, Commercial Auto Insurance Protects Your Company

In a busy area like Summerville, which often has heavy commercial car and truck traffic competing for space on the road with personal drivers, accidents are inevitable. Since personal insurance may not cover drivers of a company vehicle, it is important for your company to have sufficient commercial auto and truck insurance on its vehicles.

As an employer, whether you have a fleet of trucks or just one or two cars you want to protect both the drivers (your employees) and the public from injuries while protecting yourself from potential lawsuits. Your Strovis Insurance Solutions agent will review your needs for commercial auto insurance and set you up with a policy that offers the protection you need. Commercial auto insurance in Summerville is an important factor in protecting your business. Many people assume that personal auto insurance applies to company cars as well as personal vehicles. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Insurance for a personal vehicle does not cover business vehicles. With a multitude of commercial auto and truck activity in the greater Summerville area, accidents will inevitably happen. When accidents strike, it is important you have Summerville commercial auto insurance coverage in place allowing you to continue moving forward with your business.

An accident can cause personal injury and property damage which takes both employees and trucks out of service. Why compound your potential loss by not having enough protection? If you are like many company owners, you may have safe driver training available for your employees, but even the best, most careful driver can be cut off by a drunk driver or spin out on a wet road. Minimize your losses with comprehensive commercial auto policies from Strovis Insurance Solutions.

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