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Other Commercial Insurance Products

We provide numerous other commercial insurance solutions, including the following:

Business Packages

Business insurance packages can be custom-made based on your company’s specific needs as well as include some of the other commercial insurance products listed below. Bundling together a package is a cost-effective and easy way to manage your insurance solutions into a single low rate with one renewal date. Don’t let your commercial insurance expire because of an array of different renewal dates; by choosing Strovis Insurance Solutions, you can get all your commercial coverage in one place.

Commercial Umbrella
Commercial umbrella insurance is designed for businesses in need of over one million dollars in liability protection. Umbrella insurance can be used in place of all other various plans if a customer were to file a suit against your company. A large lawsuit and settlement could potentially ruin your business with debt, so let Strovis Insurance Solutions back your company with peace of mind and a sound insurance solution.

Liquor Liability

Liquor liability is a kind of liability insurance meant to protect businesses that serve alcohol from claims of negligence and liability. Serving liquor is associated with a number of risks and that is why procuring liquor liability insurance is a vital choice for any business of this nature. Without this type of coverage, a company can be sued and required to pay large sums of money in damages that will often result in the closing of the business because of debt and a tarnished reputation.

Liquor liability insurance can protect your liquor serving business from damages caused by an intoxicated customer, including harm to themselves or other patrons due to intoxication limit. This coverage will also protect your employees and can be purchased as a one-time coverage for an event or over a longer period of time for a business. Don’t let your business suffer because of a lack of liquor liability insurance.


Flood insurance in the Carolinas is incredibly important. Floods happen frequently and the damage they cause could have an irreversible impact on your business including temporary shut-downs, merchandise damage and building damage. With hurricane season hitting our area each year, it is advised that business owners of South Carolina don’t take the risk of water related damages and purchase flood insurance.

Flood insurance can range in price depending on the level of protection you choose. For example, the square footage of coverage as well as the property’s flood risk are both a factor in determining your rate. Commercial flood insurance will cover the building itself but not any of the personal property. Remember, there are often waiting periods tied to the purchase of flood insurance so act now to be prepared.

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