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Other Personal Insurance Products

We offer numerous other types of personal insurance policies and solutions, including the following:

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella insurance is the best choice as a “catch all” insurance policy if any of your legal liability is exceeding your existing policy limits. Umbrella policies add protection on top of your regular liability coverage to further protect the holder’s assets and belongings. These specific accidents will more often than not cost more than the entirety of your home, auto or boat limits. By adding umbrella insurance, you can cover the difference between what the home, auto or boat insurance pays for and the money you owe. Umbrella insurance is typically less pricey than other policies and gives you the most amount of reassurance that you are protected.

Mobile Home

Mobile homes utilize a different policy for coverage than a traditional permanent home requires. Mobile homes, referred to as “manufactured homes,” run the risk of all the damages your normal home could incur and therefore can receive a similar type of coverage as homeowners insurance but through mobile home insurance. The structure itself, your personal property like sheds and garages and personal liability are all listed in a traditional mobile home policy but would not otherwise be covered under regular home insurance. So take care of your mobile home and get the proper type of insurance.. 


Accidents on the water can happen. Boaters insurance will protect you and your vessel from any of the liability and damage caused in the event of an accident. There is a wide variety of types as well as amounts of coverage so you have the freedom to create a plan with which you feel comfortable. A boater’s insurance policy will often cover you from the damages caused from a collision, accident, sinking, vandalism and malicious harm.


Strovis Insurance Solutions understands how important relaxation is and cruising the beautifully scenic coast in your RV should be just that. By having RV insurance, you can make sure that you are protected for your RV trip, no matter where you’re headed. Regardless of whether you’re driving a motor home, RV, camper or travel trailer, we at USI can ensure that you’re getting the coverage you need on your past time.


Floods are the highest frequency natural disaster that occurs in the U.S. If you are a resident of the Carolinas, you are taking a huge risk by forgoing your right to flood insurance. As hurricane season hits each year, residents of South Carolina are at a very high risk for water and other related damages to their homes. The majority of homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover flood damage and many mortgage companies insist residents have it. Most flood insurance policies have a processing period tied to the plan before it becomes effective so act now and prepare your home before it’s too late. Call Strovis Insurance Solutions now to discuss what policy is right for you..


In 1886, an earthquake shook Charleston, South Carolina so horribly it resulted in $23 million in damages to the city. The earthquake traveled through the entirety of the low country, causing the most damage in Charleston by destroying historic homes and affecting almost every inch of the city. Believe it or not, South Carolina is located on a major fault line putting it at high risk for earthquakes, which is why it is so imperative to discuss your options with your Strovis Insurance Solutions agent. We can help you find affordable policies that will protect your home and belongings against devastating earthquakes often not covered in a standard homeowners’ policy.

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